Sleepy Hollow-Tarrytown Community Media – “Residents, local business and the Village partner to support new community garden”

Residents, local business and the Village partner to support new community garden 

by Sunny McLean

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A community garden established last year at 100 College Avenue gains new interest and support from residents, the Village and local businesses.

Mark Soja, President of “Marathon Development Group is the owner of 100 College Avenue Apartments.

Sleepy Hollow Tarrytown Community News spoke with Mr. Soja, “We participated with the community garden association the Village and local businesses to build this garden. It is an amazing experience to see an entire community come together to plant sustainable garden vegetables, where the residents can collectively share the harvest to feed their families.”

Rosa Patino, resident of 100 College Avenue had this to say, “The garden a wonderful addition to her family life at 100 College Arms Apartment “ I am so happy to have this garden here with fresh vegetables for my family. Today we are planting beans. My children are having a great time learning how to grow vegetables and herbs. It is a wonderful day for everyone. I am so proud to live here”

Mark Soja and his Marathon Development group helped create a centerpiece for the residents of 100 College Avenue.

” I was  approached last year by Ana Lopez and Sleepy Hollow residents, with a concept to create an inter-generational community garden that would involve families and children here at 100 College Avenue, with the senior citizens from across the street, from 124 Valley Street senior building.”

Ana Lopez, Community Garden organizer said, “ As you can see we have a lot of plants and flowers. Over thirty-five to forty children came out to plant. We have several community events related to the garden, coming up this year. It is important for the kids to see their parents participating in the community gardens, so they have good role models. As the garden grows, our community grows also.”

Sleepy Hollow Village Trustee, Susan MacFarlane explained, “ I got involved with the community garden, with people who live here. They are planting food collectively and they are harvesting collectively here. Residents are coming together to teach  children how to make things grow. I think we did a terrific job this year and the kids helped a lot.“

Mr. Soja added, “James West, president of the Sleepy Hollow Manor Association and Chuck and Kristin Lankester residents of Sleepy Hollow offered to roll up their sleeves to participate in the clean up and also donate plantings.”

Chuck and Kristen Lankester volunteered to help teach the children how to plant and help cleanup the garden.

“Kristen is my wife and the President of the Sleepy Hollow Manor Garden club. She woke me up this morning saying we are gong to help volunteer to help make the inner-village garden beautiful. So, here we are planting Basil, Rosemary, Parsley, Mint and Marigolds to keep the bugs away” said Chuck Lankester.

Kristen Lankester told Sleepy Hollow-Tarrytown News, “We wanted to participate because we feel this is a great garden. We are just delighted that it is being cared for and tended. The garden was initiated last year with the help of many Sleepy Hollow residents, local businesses and the Marathon Development Group. It was such a great success so, we are volunteering again this year.”

“It is the role of our company, to make improvement to the building. We spent over ten-million dollars improving the property over the past two years. We purchased trees and shrubs and landscaped the entire area. We wanted to improve the grounds. It is remarkable that where we are standing today, was once was a blacktop parking lot. Now, there is a beautiful community garden.“ said Soja.

He continued, “Westover Landscape partnered with Marathon Management Group last year to kick off the project to create the original community garden. Westover also donated shrubs, flowers, trees and landscaping services this year. We want to thank everyone. The plants were grown by the children and the Village contributed a barbeque, plantings and personnel. For more information how you can get involved contact Village of Sleepy Hollow .

Our thanks to  Mark Soja and The MARATHON DEVELOPMENT GROUP LTD owner of 100 College Arms building 901 Main Street Peekskill, New York  914

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