Park Hill Apartments

Park Hill Apartments

Park Hill Apartments is a 75-unit apartment complex in the city of Middletown, New York. The property consists of a 3.5 acres parcel improved with eight townhouse buildings.

Similar to Marathon’s other projects, the property was constructed approximately forty years ago and many of the original building components required replacement. Marathon commenced a substantial renovation of the building using various “green” or energy conserving methodologies. NYSERDA completed an energy audit of the property and participated with Marathon in determining the scope of rehabilitation. The property received new building roofs, windows, sliding glass doors, heating systems, and hot water systems.

In addition, the renovation included the installation of energy-efficient lighting and water conservation measures. Individual units received new kitchen cabinets and countertops, as well as new appliances and bath fixtures. Unit interiors were painted and new flooring was installed throughout the property. Other renovation items included the installation of new smoke and carbon monoxide detectors which improved the life safety of the property.


  • 2005

Green Building

  • Comprehensive Energy Audit
  • Energy Efficient windows and doors
  • Efficient condensing boiler plants
  • Energy Efficient lighting and appliances
  • Water saving shower heads, aerators, and laundry equipment